When he is recognized as a talent, the creator's great suffering begins. W

The game was created by a wide team of authors which consists of four subgroups focused on different tasks.

Promo team

They take care of communication with the players, communication with the authorities, preparation of official materials, texts and graphic materials. Should you be communicating with anyone, it's going to be a member of the promo team.

Alice Ďurčaťová
She studies Civil Sector Studies at Charles University. She's been doing larp for over ten years both as a player and an organizer. She's organized many games, especially from the genre of post-apocalyptic larps, such as the series PASS, or Osada 12 (Settlement 12). Most often she attends outdoor larps of various kinds, from classical fantasy games to Airsoft events. She likes larp because it gives her the opportunity to try out different situations and new challenges. In the team she takes part in creating the story and deals with communication with players.

Slaven Elčić
He's been doing larp as a player, organizer and helping hand since 2005, recently he's for example been part of the production of the larp Borograv. In larps he's most interested in the production and story. He's currently finishing his studies of law and marketing at the Charles University and in the organizational team he takes care primarily of preparation of text material and PR.

Iva Vávrová
She's studying English translation and general linguistics at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University and she works as a translator and proofreader. Amongst other things she's been working on translating several larp projects - L-World, part of Skoro Rassvet, and Hell on Wheels to English and Before and after the Silence into Czech. She likes games with emphasis on strong emotional experience and drama. In De la Bête she is responsible for proofreading of texts and she has also been a part of the workshop preparation team. Currently, her biggest task is translating the game into English.

Story team

They are responsible for creating the game's plots, roles and background.

Kamil Buchtík
He was introduced to larp over ten years ago. Together with Petr Turoň and Martin Buchtík he organized the last year of an outdoor fantasy larp Jediná cesta (The Only Way) and an urban larp NikdyKde III (Neverwhere III). In the last few years he has been mostly oriented towards chamber larps. He is the author of the games Odznak (The Badge) with Martin Buchtík, Škola (School) with Břéťa Šopík, Telenovela (The Soap Opera) with Radek Morávek and Mlha (The Fog) with a wider team of authors. He is one of the organizers of a Prague initiative HRAJ LARP. He led a creative team of experience events Prostředník, Malíček and Otisk. As a player he prefers larps which offer good impulses for playing and enough space for developing them.

Ondřej Hartvich
He studied ethnology at Charles University. He's been playing larps for the last four years and he was part of the organization team at Obora 2P915. At larps he appreciates personal dramas full of emotion and he would like to provide strong dramatic experience to others.

Lucie Chlumská
She works as a human resources specialist. She's been attending larps since 2010 and organizing them since 2011. Although she mostly focuses on chamber larps, she also likes longer dramatic larps. She is the authors of for example the chamber larp Sanatorium, a weekend game Přechod (The Passage) and an urban larp Budečská kniha (The Book of Budeč).

Mikuláš Pešta
He is studying history at the Institute of World History at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University, specializing on the history of the twentieth century. As a part of the Rosenthal association he writes scripts to plays and films and works as a director. He was the main organizer of the games Porta Rossa MDVII, Borograv and Rosenburg, he had part in the production of Ardávské údolí 1462 (Ardavia Valley 1462). He's been going to larps and battles since 2002.

Petr Turoň
He sees larp as his main hobby and he has been playing it since he was fifteen. He has been organizing it since not much later than that. He is the author of a fantasy outdoor larp series Jediná cesta (The Only Way) and urban larps Shadowrun Live and NikdyKde (Neverwhere). After a few years of an author break, he directed his work towards post-apocalyptic settings: the series Svět po Pádu (World after the Fall) and a comfortable relationship-oriented game Osada 12 (Settlement 12).


Workshop team

Radek Morávek
The youngest and (at least) the fourth prettiest member of the male part of the team. He prefers lighter games which entertain the player and tries to come up with such. He started larping before he was fifteen, though he has got past that age a few years ago. Right now he is halfway through his studies at the Faculty of Law of the Charles University where he is mostly focusing on the issues of copyright. At De la Bête he is helping with workshop preparation and rum drinking.

Ondřej Mellor Novák
He has been seeing himself as a larp newbie for a few years now. Here he does workshops and adds his bit to scenography. He has a lot of brilliant plans, most of which will never see the light of day. He participated on producing an outdoor larp Bezčasí (Timelessness). Apart from that he is studying psychology at the Faculty of Arts at the Charles University, he likes sunshine, nuts and Japanese chess and he will never refuse a good whisky.

Martin Buchtík
He likes elves. He also did some larps. He also likes data. He does workshops.

Petr Pierre Novotný
He dances, sings, brews good coffee and lives the corrupt life of Prague gilded youth. At the game he will try to get you moving and prepared for playing.

Lada Larras Švadlenková
She studies psychology at the Faculty of Arts of the Charles University. She likes larps, especially dramatic and immersive ones. What she loves most about larp is the process of empathizing with a character, identifying with them and then acting as them. At De la Bête she is a part of the workshop team. She went through training on complex crisis intervention.

Julie Artemis Melicharová
She is a larp player and organizer, a member of the larp association Prague by Night and she has been a long-term collaborator with the Ostravian group Crex. She is a psychology student and in her free time, aside of roleplaying, she also enjoys dance, spending her time with her dog or just hanging with a good book and a mug of peppermint tea. At De la Bête she is working on preparation and realization of workshops.

Production team

They prepare all the material background necessary for the game.

Tomáš Bazala
He studies humanities at the Charles University and he has been into larp for over ten years. In larp he is mostly focused on the visual side of historical events, connected mostly to the costumes, accessories and props. At De la Bête he plays the role of a costume advisor and designer.

Eva Mlejnková
She finished her studies of furniture design at Mendel University and she has been doing larp for around six years. She has broad experience with designing and creating various costumes, masks and props. She sees the visual side of larp as a way to understand a given period and to better identify with the atmosphere and so she assigns it great importance. At De la Bête she works as the main costume producer.

Jan Korecký
A member of the association Rosenthal.


Rosenthal o.s.
An organization whose goal it is to enrich the cultural environment of the Příbram region, and the whole of Bohemia. The key points of the organization's focus are work with children (one-day and longer outdoor games, summer camps, children days), theatre and fencing and creation and organization of larps and larp battles. We also produce our own films, and organize exhibitions and public events. They have been part of the larp scene for over ten years and organized dozens of events during that time. Rosenthal is the main production partner of the project.

Project leaders

Adam Pešta – production director
He has taken the post of production and realization director in a vast number of larps, battles, films, plays, events and teambuildings from both the commercial and private sphere. You probably won't even see him at the event, because he will be standing somewhere in the corner calling someone - and he has been doing that for over ten years. He loves Rosenthal and Rolling because he founded them.

David František Wagner - creative section director
After finishing his teaching degree of history and philosophy he is continuing his studies at a PhD programme at the Faculty of Education at Charles University. He has been involved in larp for the last ten years both as a player and an organizer. He organized very diverse kinds of games, such as Tábor (The Camp) with Simon "Rothas" Steffal; a fairy-tale and dramatic game Země snů (The Land of Dreams); Ardávské údolí 1462 (Ardavian Valley 1462) with Rosenthal o.s. and Rothas; Porta Rossa in 2011 together with Jiří "Louda" Rosol and Sára "Feain" Komasová; and his last works have been for example I Speak Only da TRUTH, Misie (The Mission), Borograv, Konec dějin (The End of Times), and Legie (The Legions). His task is to direct the whole project and ensure communication between the teams.